What is Anti Adblock?

The terms anti adblock, antiadblocker, anti-adblocker, anti adblocker, adblock blocker or dozens of other names, all typically refer to solutions for digital publishers to measure and resolve impacts to their site related to adblocking.  Those impacts could be lost visitor analytics, blocked ad impressions, circumvented copyright access control measures or a wide range of broken site functionality.

Over the past decade, adblocking has grown from a small, underground nuisance for digital publishers to a full-blown lost revenue epidemic that threatens the very existence of some publishers and, ultimately, the entire free internet.  This site is dedicated to providing information, news and reviews related to the growth of anti adblock solutions in hopes of saving the free internet.

Although this site contains a wealth of information on the topic, we also want to know what you’re hearing about anti adblock.  What approaches have you tried to measure or recover revenue lost due to adblockers, what has worked for you, what hasn’t?  What solutions would you like us to review?  What topics would you like us to tackle?  Let us know at feedback@antiadblocker.com.